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Empowering young women to recognize their true beauty

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At Girl in the Mirror, we strive to educate today's women and girls about defying societal beauty norms and loving the skin they're in. We are dedicated to equipping young women with the skills they need to develop a healthy relationship with their body and to become friends with the Girl in the Mirror.

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We believe every girl is beautiful in her own unique way; our goal is to help her recognize her true beauty! Our body image workshops, volunteer speakers and online body positive community aim to empower today's women and girls to challenge society's idea of beautiful and fall in love with the Girl in the Mirror! Get started HERE.



Learning how to recognize heavily photo shopped images and negative messages in the media is essential on the journey to self-love and acceptance. We also place great emphasis on educating others about the signs and symptoms of eating disorders and where they can receive the help they deserve. Click HERE to learn the facts.



Inspired by our founder's battle with anorexia, raising awareness for eating disorders is at the heart of our organization. We are committed to engaging in community events, reaching out to government officials, educating the community and raising funds for eating disorder treatment and research. Learn more about our initiatives HERE.