About Us

Our Mission Statement:

We are dedicated to empowering women and young girls to recognize their true beauty and become friends with "The Girl in the Mirror". We envision a future filled with self-confident and body positive women who accomplish their dreams while defying societal beauty norms and embracing the skin they're in.

Our body image workshops, eating disorder education seminars, media literacy programs and team of volunteer speakers {All Coming Very Soon} are committed to helping women gain the confidence to recognize they are beautiful just the way they are.

Our Founder

After almost losing her life to anorexia, Madison Humphrey felt defeated by her disorder and struggled with low self-esteem, an extremely distorted body image and a complete lack of confidence. Until a letter came in the mail from National American Miss, she was hopeless for the future. Stepping onto a pageant stage for the first time empowered her to dream big and realize she has a voice that can be used to change the world, especially in the way women and girls view their bodies. Through her continued participation in NAM, her voice got louder and her efforts with the National Eating Disorder Association and the River Centre Foundation grew tremendously. Whether she's serving as a spokesperson, sharing her story, raising money for organizations or volunteering at awareness events, Madison always strives to make her message heard.

Now at a strong point in recovery, Madison founded "Girl in the Mirror" to empower young women to believe in themselves in a similar way pageants helped her. She wants to share her story of recovery with as many women as possible to inspire them that they are capable of accomplishing absolutely anything they put their minds to. She wants to educate society and erase the stigma surrounding eating disorders. She wants to empower today's women and girls to love their bodies so they can live life to the fullest and defy societal beauty norms. Above all, Madison wants to help everyone recognize their true beauty.

Our Girl in the Mirror

Check out our founder's one-on-one interview where she discusses how National American Miss helped her find the strength to recover in addition to empowering her to make a difference in the lives of women and young girls!

Did you know...

The organization's name is inspired by her pageant coaches and her infamous speech entitled "Girl in the Mirror". Check out this video of our founder, Madison Humphrey, delivering the speech at NAM Nationals 2016 where she placed top five in the nation!